Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Best Low Cost DVD/CD Auto Duplicators & Printers

Want to know what the best low cost DVD/CD Automated Duplicators and Printers are?
In this short article we are going to let you know based on feedback from actual users.

It is common for a manufacturer to send their latest product to a magazine's product review department for testing. The limitation to this practice is that the product is tested for a few hours or a few days at best.

After extensive use, feedback from Noble House's end users, reflect two products which are worthy of a buyer's consideration. XlntIdea's "Nexis DVD/CD Publisher-Xi100AP"and Microboards GX-2 DVD/CD 50 Disc Publisher have received very good reviews.

NEXIS has a built-in 50 Disc DVD/CD Duplicator & Printer which connects to either a Windows XP, 2000, or Windows Vista computer via a USB2.0 connection. The built-in Printer uses a standard Lexmark engine and commonly available Lexmark cartridges.

The NEXIS has one 18x DVD/ 48x NEC recorder built in. If the 50 disc hopper is not large enough to meet your needs, an optional 100 disc adapter is available. With the adapter you can duplicate mini CDs and hockey rink business cards. The NEXIS DVD/CD Publisher sells for around $1450 without adaptor. The adapter adds $200 to the purchase price.

GX-2 DVD/CD 50 Disc Publisher is a rock solid Duplicator/ Printer with one recorder (NEC 18x DVD/ 48x CD). This Publisher uses a HP print engine which can print normal full discs with a photo in a minute or less. Only one cartridge is required, making this machine very cost effective. The cartridge is estimated to last 200 or more discs when printing 100% coverage in normal photo mode.

The GX-2 is the second generation of this Publisher and it offers users a machine that is virtually problem free (the minor problems with the first generation have been rectified). The GX-2 connects to either MAC or Windows 2000/XP computers via a USB 2.0 connection. For $1495 a user can get a disc publisher that is very reliable and cost effective.

The two machines mentioned above, the NEXIS and the GX-2 are recommended for customers who are regularly producing up to 500 discs per month.

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