Wednesday, November 7, 2007

“CX-1” A Rock Solid Combo DVD/CD Duplicator & Printer

Noble House recently inspected Microboard's new CX-1 DVD/CD Publisher ( 1 Recorder Duplicator & Printer combo) and were very impressed. The CX-1 has an automatic 100 disc loader that uses an entirely new "elevator shaft" type mechanism to load discs. This mechanism is called DiscPlace Technology, by Microboards, and it is fast and reliable. Our impression is that no one in the business has a better loading method.

Microboards also uses DiscPlace Technology in the new Printfactory 3 100 disc DVD/CD printer. The Printfactory 3 printer and the CX-1 Publisher both use Sure Thing 5.0 printing software which allows, in print only mode, to print straight from another program such as Photoshop. Prior files can be used without changing them, and the thru-put is increased in the printing cycle. The Printfactory 3 can be daisy chained, up to 5 printers, from one Windows PC with a USB 2.0 Hub.

The CX-1 DVD/CD Publisher and Printfactory 3 disc printer both have a HP 4800 x 1200 dpi color print engine built in. They use both a CMY Color and Black cartridge which are specific to the CX-1 and Printfactory 3.

We estimate that printing costs may vary from 4 cents each disc for black only printing to 21 - 25 cents per disc for full coverage color printing. Printing costs per disc are a moving target as they will vary depending on image and coverage.

If you are going to be printing DVDs or CDs or copying and printing discs on a regular basis, the CX-1 priced at $2095 and the Printfactory 3 at $1895 are well worth the money.

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