Thursday, March 27, 2008

CD or DVD Case OverWrappers Lowest Cost on the Market!

Noble House has started marketing two new CD & DVD OverWrappers. The "StudioWrapper" provides professional wrapping for just pennies per disc on each overwrapped CD Jewel Case or DVD Case. Customers can use the "StudioWrapper" to get Professional Clean Folded Edges every time for their cases.

The "StudioWrapper"-CD for wrapping Standard sized Jewel Cases is only $1295.00.

"StudioWrapper" -DVD for wrapping Standard Amaray style DVD Cases is only $1495.00

These are the Lowest Cost CD & DVD Overwrappers on the market! Customers on a limited budget, can produce a Professional "Store-Bought" looking product with the "StudioWrapper"

With either unit you can wrap an estimated 180 to 300 cases per hour. The CD or DVD "StudioWrapper" comes with one box of 1,000 polypropylene wrapping sheets.

Amazingly Easy To Use! With a little practice end users can wrap hundreds of discs an hour with the "StudioWrapper". A free video tutorial (included) makes it easy to learn how to wrap your discs efficiently at 3 to 5 discs per minute!

Click on this link for a demo video:

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